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Financial statements not created in accordance with GAAP will be presumed to be misleading or inaccurate.If the submitting entity is foreign-based, it may use some other set of accounting standards than GAAP, but reconciliation between its financial statements and those produced under GAAP must also be submitted.Pro forma information is required in cases where a business entity has engaged in a business combination or roll-up under the equity method of accounting, or under the purchase or pooling methods of accounting, or if a company’s securities are to be used to purchase another business.

On the balance sheet, this shall include: An interim statement does not have to be audited.For financial statement reporting purposes, a registrant shall consolidate financial results for business entities that are majority owned, and shall not do so if ownership is in the minority.A consolidated statement is also possible if the year-end dates of the various companies are not more than 93 days apart.Footnotes to the statements that duplicate each other may be submitted just once, as long as there are sufficient cross-references to the remaining footnote.The amount of income taxes applicable to foreign governments and the United States government shall be shown separately, unless the foreign component is no more than 5% of the total.If interim financial statements are provided, then standard year-end accruals should also be made for the shorter periods being reported upon.

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