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Being a mom has also taught me how to be a servant leader — to nourish those around me with love and empathy, lift them up when they feel like their failing, and to give the right amount of tough love to motivate someone in the right direction.

It’s also helped me realize good leaders don’t tell people what to do, instead they show them how to do something and walk alongside them. It changes your lifestyle, your outlook in life, and takes over nearly ever facet of how you operate every single day — including that sacred alone time.

But being a mother has taught me how to be a better leader and it has shown me how to deal with the relentless and unreasonable demands of life in the most graceful and reasonable way.

Don’t worry.” The day I realized my period had still not arrived I did what every responsible young lady would do – I picked up a pregnancy test. ” When I hear those comments I can’t help but think, “if you only knew…” I carry on with life in this relentless manner because at 20 years old I was no longer just responsible for my own life. The concept scared me, but it also gave me purpose, drive, and the desire to live with purpose. I judged myself, and often felt like I was being judged by others for my tattoos, crazy colored hair, and having a baby in my arms when I still looked like a kid.

A third principal character, Officer Bull Pupp, often appears and tries to "protect" Krazy by thwarting Ignatz' attempts and imprisoning him. Despite the slapstick simplicity of the general premise, the detailed characterization, combined with Herriman's visual and verbal creativity, made Krazy Kat one of the first comics to be widely praised by intellectuals and treated as "serious" art.

Krazy Kat takes place in a heavily stylized version of Coconino County, Arizona, with Herriman filling the page with caricatured flora and fauna, and rock formation landscapes typical of the Painted Desert.

He has been in Pretoria since June 8th and sources have said that over the last 24 hours he has got much worse!

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These backgrounds tend to change dramatically between panels, even while the characters remain stationary.

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