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He could even tell that I was left-handed by feeling the knots in my back and shoulder.

Then the massage got more and more sensual which included bodyslides and lots of intimate play.

I hope to last much longer than I did the next time! I enjoyed being pampered by a nice masculine friendly bloke with so many options to try. Ronald I was a bit worried reading all these reviews because I am not into anal at all and Dave seems to do a lot of penetrating!

Thanks so much, Dave An experience you should give yourself is 90 mins in Dave's capable hands. I have never been penetrated and it is something I would like to have experienced but despite Dave's efforts I was too tight. Next time I will try the steam spa with eucalyptus for my sinus issues. I decided to call him to see if penetration was optional. He was very friendly and suggested that there were plenty of other things we could get up to besides anal!

We started in the hot tub talking with a foot massage and eventually Dave propped me up on his knees and took me in his mouth..what a mouth he has, felt like heaven!

We then went to the massage room and his wonderful erection friendly table.

I’m in my 20s and this was my first experience at an exotic massage and have to be honest I was shitting myself.

We ended things with a body scrub and time in the vichy spa capsule.Dave asked me to lie down on my stomach and started to massage.After awhile he asked me to flip over and I was so embarrassed that I had an erection I nearly died and quickly used my hands to cover up. We moved to the lounge, kissed and Dave kept on going. And then onto the tantra chair - a few positions that made me erupt big time.The whole experience was natural, friendly and open, and I left feeling nurtured in body and soul. Dave is a very good masseur indeed, a very nice person - sensitive and a good listener - and really skilled in the sensual side of things. We then finished off on the tantra chair with Dave deep inside me. When I read about your spa, sauna, jacuzzi etc I couldn't picture how you could have all these options and still have a private space. So discreet from outside you would not even know it existed. The service was very professional and Dave obviously enjoys what he does.I had a truly mind blowing experience - relaxing, pleasurable and sensual don't really do it justice - it was all of these with a really powerful climax and lead up. The spa session was so intimate and sexy, Dave is very passionate. I have been to lots of massage guys and Daves set up is definitely the best.Towards the end, there were suddenly two large, stiff, pulsing cocks lying in my palms. Was very nervous about this as it would be my first sexual experience with anyone.

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