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Gaysir has, since the start, taken aim on offering daily updated news. The users creates profiles and can send messages, pictures and emoticons to other users.The website has per November 2007, over 6000 articles in their archive. The members can also write blogs and create photo galleries.The deputy mayor of Trondheim, Knut Fagerbakke (SV), arranged it so that the link was put back up.He said it was the website administrator who had removed the link in the first place, no politicians were involved, but when people were offended by the removal of the link, and Homo UKA requested the link back up, they put it back up.The age limit for being a member is the same as the age of consent in Norway, 16 years old.With its 35 000 medlemmer per November 2007, Gaysir Interaktiv is a central meeting ground for the Norwegian gay community.It was also referred to several examples from the advertiser's websites, such as somewhat rude titles on some of the films that were offered for sale, and a sex club where one could read messages with very direct descriptions.On October 18, 2007, Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen replaced Bekkemellem as the minister of Children and Equality Affairs, and Fr P expressed that Ramin-Osmundsen should retract the recommendation if the ads were not removed from the website.

Gaysir has an activity calendar with information about activities for gays across the nation, where party arrangers, drinking establishments and volunteer organizations are listed.About recommendations to the National Agency for Education (2007): Oslo Town Council adopted an action plan in 2006, against discrimination of gays, lesbians and bisexuals, with a recommendation that Gaysir and Blikk should be available for Gymnasium students.Karita Bekkemellem, who was the minister of Children and Equality Affairs on November 10, 2007, sent a letter to 13 big municipalities, where they were encouraged to make similar action plans as Oslo.Prayer and Action Against the Selected Power Elite (2006): The power elite selection in 2006 received a lot of attention.Jan-Aage Torp, a Norwegian pastor in the Pentecostal congregation Oslokirken, said to the Christian newspaper Norge IDAG that he recommended Christians to use the selections (Makttoppen) as a target for prayer to get the people in the selection removed from their professions.There is also a nightlife guide with all the regular meeting places for gays across the nation.

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