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Such a difference in willingness to offer word-of-mouth can be explained by social risk associated with different communication modes.

We show that the difference between people’s desire to engage in s WOM and WOM is mediated by perceived social risk and amplified when social risk is made salient.

They do their job – which is to be their own most vocal advocate.

“Word of Mouth” provides information on the significance of orality in African countries.

The internet project thus aims to build bridges between societies shaped by oral traditions and the predominantly text-based global knowledge society.

In addition, “Word of Mouth” presents information on German activities in the field of orality, thus facilitating intercultural exchange.

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Companies market to either expand marketshare or to keep marketshare.A story is secured about the firm’s services and expertise in an online news outlet.That story is emailed by the firm to its customers, and is posted on Linked In, where customers “follow” the company.This accounting firm knew what CEOs and business owners already instinctively know: If there’s an opportunity, it needs to be proactively pursued.Leaders don’t sit back and hope others mention their companies’ products and services to others, who may or may not act on this information.Obviously, word of mouth was not getting around – or at least not getting around fast enough – to help our accounting firm client before the amnesty program closed.

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