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She's also a nerd who proudly flies the flag for geekdom, even going so far as to create her own comic book. As if that weren't enough, she can play tough with aplomb and sings too, as the film version of Rent – for all its faults – proved.

Sexiest Role: Robert Rodriguez proved she could combine strength with sexiness as Some models make the jump to acting and end up simply playing the girlfriend in many movies.

Stefani sat down with Ellen De Generes Friday (Dec.

8) to talk everything from moving in with Shelton to Christmas music and the current wildfires in California.

She can even handle the ultra-surrealism of Holy Motors, so top marks for that.

Sexiest Role: A tough choice between Sugar, but Hot takes it for that entrance, one of the most memorable in cinema history. Stroke of Charm: It wasn't all vulnerable sexiness or power. Stream Few actresses get the impactful start that Cameron Diaz enjoyed thanks to her flirty-yet-sweet appearance in The Mask.

And she quickly capitalised on it, proving herself with drama The Last Summer and going full Farrelly for There's Something About Mary, the first of many screwball roles.

It doesn't hurt that she herself is beautiful and self-possessed, and more than capable when it comes to a good drama.

Currently onstage in London, look out for her kicking butt and taking names in the Marvel one-shot Agent Carter that accompanies the Iron Man 3 home entertainment release.

Sexiest Role: One of her dramatic roles, as ex-stripper Luvlee Lemons in "Nice" isn't always commensurate with "sexy", but Rachel Mc Adams manages to be both in almost everything. Oddly, she first grabbed attention by being anything but thoughtful in Mean Girls, and does play well against the nice girl type (as anyone who has seen Passion can attest).

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