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In addition to his weight-gain, which he recently joked came about by 'eating a lot of pies, the star has bleached his eyebrows to take on the role.In later years, the politician became the CEO of Halliburton but was most notably known for being in the center of foreign policy which pursued both Afghanistan and Iraq wars.The actor, 43, displayed his fuller physique to take on the role of the former Vice President in the new movie, which is written and directed by Adam Mc Kay.The Oscar-winning star was barely recognizable with a bit of weight added to his usually chiseled frame for the role as the storied politician.'I didn't quite know how to handle all that at the tender age of 18, but now I often refer to him as my rock,' Richard said of his firstborn child.'I don't know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t been forced to suddenly grow up at the age of 18,' he continued.The Today presenter, who celebrated 30 years with Channel Nine earlier this year, said the 'greatest thing' in his life are his children.The Instagram snaps come after Christian's media personality father Richard, shared a heartfelt tribute to his son on the Today show.

And Christian Bale and Amy Adams reunited on the set of new Dick Cheney biopic, Backseat, when they were seen shooting somber funeral scenes for the first time in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

'And then you've got to lose the weight at the end of it, you know?

He's the eccentric son of Richard Wilkins, known as much for his fashion-forward outfits as he is his self-deprecating humour.

No stranger to undergoing an image overhaul, Bale previously demonstrated his commitment to transforming for roles when he tanned and beefed up for American Psycho in 2000 and shed 70lbs for The Machinist in 2004.

Amy wore an all-black ensemble for the outdoor scene as the Vice President's wife Lynne, which included a black dress, black coat and black tights.

The film is described as 'the story of Dick Cheney, the most powerful Vice President in history, and how his policies changed the world as we know it.'Notable stars already signed on to the film include Steve Carrell as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsefeld and Bill Pullman as Gerald Ford's second in command, Nelson Rockefeller.

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