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Rounding out this incredible bunch is Stasha Surdyke as Joan of Arc; she’s a lithe beauty with definitive presence who simply owns every moment of her time on stage.

Producers Linda Toliver and Gary Guidinger (who also designed the impeccable sets) have also chosen the best crew imaginable, including Max Kinberg on sound design (and music), the lighting by John Eckert, and Michele Young’s costumes.

We would have gone to Three Stones but they’re closed on Wednesdays, and La Marina was booked, so we all went to Whetstone. My friend and the wife ordered North Coast on tap, which they both seemed to enjoy.Nobody had seen them, nobody knew where they were, and I’m sure somebody’s wearing them right now.Probably Krissy’s boyfriend, since we barely left a tip.Manny Bloch, interestingly enough, is portrayed by Greg Mullavey, who most remember as husband Tom on the 1970s Norman Lear series “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” and proves himself equally at home on a stage as in front of the camera.And as Roy Cohn, Richard Chassler’s work borders on other-wordly; there are moments it’s almost possible to forget that we’re watching an actor.I love alligator, but only tail and only well-deep-fried. I mean, more raw than Eddie Murphy’s standup act in 1987.

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