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Banda called for wireless internet access to be made available around Parliament so that MPs can be able to “Google” on matters arising.

“Brands have to be aware that they can be phished on Kik or What's App, as well,” he says.When setting up the campaign in Monetizer for these types of buys I prefer to select the top 3 – 5 converting offers in each vertical over seven days rather than wait for the system to auto-optimize.As far as I’m concerned it’s already done that using all the traffic other affiliates have sent through their links.Hidden i Framesi Frames and Script Tags are used by hackers to carry out silent and invisible drive-by internet attacks.i Frames allow web developers to embed the content of one web page into another, seamlessly.There are legitimate reasons why some websites may want to use this feature – for example: Gmail, Facebook and e Bay all use iframes to deliver content to their users – but cyber-criminals exploit the functionality by gaining ‘write access’ to the website for the purpose of delivering malware, such as fake anti-virus software, to infect your computer.Here are some numbers from a campaign I’m running in Hungary right now.

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