Contacts on blackberry not updating


Face Time, Appleā€™s one-on-one video calling feature, enables you to do video calls with another Face Time user over a Wi-Fi connection.

For most Face Time users, Face Time is relatively straightforward and just works.

When you synchronize your Black Berry with a desktop application, you ensure that your contacts list is always up to date, and create a backup in case your Black Berry is damaged, lost or stolen.

On Android and i Phone, ensure that you make changes from within In Touch App. If you make changes outside of In Touch App, it can take up to few hours for them to sync (depending on many factors including availability of Internet, etc.).

Please tap on "Sync" to backup changes (we are working on automatic backup for BB 10 as well). Contacts once backed up are not lost on In Touch - no matter what happens on your device.

First, check your master contacts list online at a PC or Mac.

We will use the address book for this example, the same action can apply to the contacts, calendar, task or memos.

Go to the address book icon on the Black Berry and click on the menu, then options.

If a lot of contacts are missing from device, let us know and we will re-sync all contacts for you It is a unique username assigned to everyone who uses In Touch App.

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