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The finest remaining example is in the centre of the nave of Notre Dame, Chartres, and a person following the various windings and turns of the figure would walk nearly 800 feet before he arrived at the centre, although the circumference does not exceed thirteen yards.Similar labyrinths formerly existed at Notre Dame, Paris, at the cathedral of Reims, and at Amiens.On this historical basis, an ancient legend relates that some five centuries before the Carthaginian expansion, in the days of Solomon and the Phoenicians, the Hebrews came to Sala (Chella) in the vicinity of Salé (Rabat) in order to purchase gold in large quantities.In another legend, it is related that Joab was sent to Morocco to fight the Philistines, who had been driven out of Canaan; an inscription describing this expedition is said to have existed near the present-day town of Zagora.This paper proposes a new noise monetization method based on city-level personal income, which is often more widely available.Underlying the approach is a meta-analysis of 63 hedonic pricing studies from eight countries, conducted between 19, which is used to derive a general relationship between average city-level personal income and the Willingness to Pay for noise abatement.Some historians maintain that there were Jews among the Berber-Muslim invaders of Spain in 711.The Arab conquest of Morocco and its conversion to Islam did not bring about the elimination of the Jews or the Judaized Berbers.

The capital of the last was also named Bazāz or Qulʿat-Mlahdī.

The Jews, together with those whom they succeeded in converting, appear to have originally been numerous and particularly powerful.

The great Arabic historian of the 14 century, Ibn Khaldūn, names a number of large Moroccan Berbertribes who were converted to Judaism prior to the Arab conquest.

The main advantages of the income-based model are fewer data limitations and the relative ease of implementation compared to the hedonic pricing methods, making it suitable for assessing the monetary impacts of aviation noise reduction policies on a global scale.

A complicated arrangement of paths and passages; or a place, usually subterraneous, full of windings, corridors, rooms, etc., so intricately arranged as to render the getting out of it a very difficult matter.

The story goes that the inhabitants of Fez revolted against the ruler Yaḥya (860), who had violated the chastity of a Jewish girl.

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