Who is kendra from rhoa dating scorpio aquarius dating


But Kenya got busted when it emerged that James actually got married last month… His real life wife is Jaimi Gregory and she claims the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star was using her man as a publicity stunt even when James told her he wasn’t interested in playing along! , but they met after the show was filmed, and were not together while he was dating Kenya, as Kenya insinuated.

Most recently it seems Kenya pretended to be in a relationship with James Freeman, a man she went on a date with while appearing on Millionaire Matchmaker, she even insinuated on twitter they were engaged and had gotten hitched in Vegas!And it’s gotten more aggressive in the last two weeks according to Jaimi.“Kenya wrote to him saying that they should celebrate since their ratings were so high,” Jaimi told Radar Online."I had a woman with me, and I said that," he admitted."And was it your friend or was it a girl you were dating? "I am no longer dating that woman," Will said, adding that what Eva said about the woman having been around his child was a lie.I just want to know WHY that has to do with Kenya is so damn shady!

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