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Degree Completion Requirements: outlines minimum requirements to be met in order to be awarded a degree from CCV.Determination of In State Residency for Tuition Purposes (VSC Policy 301): describes conditions to be met for a student to be considered in-state, for billing purposes.Disruptive Person: describes what constitutes a disruption to a safe and secure learning and work environment, and the appropriate responses to disruptive behavior, which could result in termination and/or permanent exclusion from any CCV-sponsored classes or activities.Drop, Add and Refund: Provides specific details regarding the timing and process for adding and dropping courses, and the situations whereby a student would be eligible for a refund.Community of Student Representatives (CSR): describes the function of CCV’s student representative group, which is established as a forum to discuss student-related issues as they relate to policies and procedures in the College.Complaint Resolution: provides the mechanisms whereby students can register a complaint and pursue satisfactory resolution.Advising: details the nature and scope of academic advising at CCV.

On May 29, an employee at the Scribner Farm on River Road in Moretown caught Viens in the barn after spotting his vehicle nearby.

Court documents said farm employees suspected Viens had been trespassing on the property and had a history of having sex with cows.

The farm employee held Viens until police arrived a short time later.

A 56-year-old Fayston man has pleaded no contest to a charge of unlawful trespass in a case in which police say he admitted entering a dairy barn to have sex with the cows.

Gregory Viens was ordered to pay 1 in fines on the trespass charge.

Attendance: establishes that regular attendance and participation in classes are essential components of a student’s success; failure to meet attendance requirements, as specified in course descriptions, may result in failure.

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