Sex date phuket


They ordered an expensive Tequila, drank it withing 20 seconds and said "bye bye".

Normally, Thai bargirls sit down beside a customer for a little chit-chat, but these Kitten Club ladies we encountered explained "we have no time". Well, I paid my bill and on the way to their bathroom I met the girls again.

Of course a lot of Pattaya bargirls participate in Walking Street's Songkran festival by wearing bikinis or short and revealing fabrics. Link: of the largest majority of foreign visitors of Pattaya's nitelife are Japanese gentlemen.

At least it's finding an original theme and frame for it's ladies of the night who pretend to love sex while being filmed.

They were hiding in a corner, drinking Whiskey and using their smart phones for chat. Travel and Fun blog by Major Grubert has some stunning photos of Songkran in Pattaya.

I was never offered a refund for the drinks and won't have time to ever come back here. Everybody is happy and they are splashing water onto each other in hope for a new lucky year. I have no idea how he was able to keep his camera dry - it's next to impossible unless you have a waterproof cover.

Some of their videos feature Filipina photo model Cherry Lynn performing sensual bikini dances.

Nice galleries of a relaxed place with satellite TV, cold beers and female companions to hold your hand.

The blogger seems to be addicted to female agogo dancers of Thailand.

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