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Edward I began to build Flint Castle in 1277, during his campaign to conquer Wales.Both castle and town were attacked by the forces of Madog ap Llywelyn during the revolt of 1294-95; the defenders of the town burnt it in order to deny its use to the Welsh.

As a consequence, it is the setting for Act III, Scene III of the Shakespeare play Richard II.

At local government level, Flint is a community administered by Flintshire County Council.

18% of the local population self identified themselves as Welsh, although the census had no tick box allowing them to do so. In 2011 Welsh identity was included and 57.1% stated they had Welsh, Welsh and British or other combined identity.

The first two blocks were built in the 1960s and named Bolingbroke Heights and Richard Heights, with a third, Castle Heights, added shortly afterwards. Initially it was thought to be an imitation of the famous Monty Python foot drawn by Terry Gilliam.

The library, leisure centre (renamed in 2012 as the Jade Jones Pavilion) and the town centre have been renovated.

The song is often sung in a drunken, friendly manner to the accompaniment of much hand clapping and revelry.

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