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It's still highly radioactive today.) So now that we understand how it works, the evolutionist theory for C14 dating states that if you test an object for C14, and it only has about half the amount of C14 known to be in the atmosphere (i.e.

All scientists can do, and all they have done, is test the carbon levels in a few areas of our atmosphere, and everything else is the same.

Season 4, Episode 17February 1, 1991When Michelle's pet fish Martin dies, the guys have a tough time explaining to her why Martin's no more.

Season 4, Episode 18February 8, 1991Jesse (John Stamos) wants one last blast as a single guy before launching into marital orbit.

A popular, good-natured sitcom about a widower raising three kids with the help of two friends, one a stand-up comic and the other an aspiring musician.

It is impossible for a scientists to tell if the samples they are testing have been contaminated from other sources of C14. The wedding will commence as soon as Rebecca can get Jesse (John Stamos) out of "tomato country." Kenneth: Don Hood. Season 4, Episode 20February 22, 1991When Jesse (John Stamos) moves out, the house is less than full by one, which is more than Michelle, or Jesse, can bear. Season 4, Episode 8November 9, 1990Having to wear a bathing suit to a pool party has D. diving into a dangerous diet that could lead to an eating disorder. Season 4, Episode 9November 16, 1990An old flame gives Jesse cold feet about marriage; Stephanie plans a surprise birthday party for the dog. Season 4, Episode 10November 23, 1990Danny finds a new girlfriend, but the family finds itself in the clutches of her tiny terror of a son (Jordan Christopher Michael).

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