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And she’ll get rip-roaring drunk, try to jump off the roof of the mansion like she’s Peter Pan, and go down in Bachelor Nation history as one of the most memorable women of Bachelor Arie’s season.Bibiana Miami, FL 30 Executive Assistant Bibiana is a walking contradiction.Amber Denver, CO 29 Business Owner Right off the bat, I don’t trust Amber because she wants to have lunch with Kim Kardashian, but when she admits that she held a big snake because she wanted to feel like Britney Spears at the VMAs, my allegiance shifted.She’s a business owner, which leads me to believe that she sells Rodan Fields eyelash serum.She wants to be a free orca, but is afraid of sharks.She was once a Miami Dolphin cheerleader, yet hated the game of football.

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Did you know that you need a licence to reproduce a piece of copyright-protected content?Ashley West Palm Beah, FL 25 Real Estate Agent Ashely’s favorite movies are . Prior Lake, MN 27 Publicist Becca’s answers are an enigma.What’s the over under that at least one of these is a fabrication that allows her to look cool to dudes? Has anyone claimed him as his or her favorite actor since ? She also can’t live without her hair straightener, which was weird to me since her curls are intact, but then I remembered I’m not one of those special people who can curl my hair with a straightener. Of her all-time favorite movies, one of these films is definitely not like the others: .Most of the time, this exercise proves to be a fruitless endeavor. There’s no way we are going to be able to individualize the blondes by week three. And last year’s obsession with Olivia Pope has been trumped by Wonder Woman. Ali Lawton, OK 27 Personal Stylist Arie’s roster starts out with a solid lead. She’s “funny, kind, down to earth” and adventurous.As I scrolled through the list of cast members vying for Arie’s final rose, I did notice that several girls stood out in new and interesting ways from seasons past, thanks to an array of colorful skin tones. Y’all know that I do not do spoilers, so the following assessment has been drawn from profile pics and answers alone. She even admits that her love of Nickelback is embarrassing.Anna’s answers are both safe and interesting, which is a hard combination to land.

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