Tessa james dating


Their storyline allowed the actors to take part in one of the serial's "biggest ever location shoots", when the couple became stranded on a remote desert island.

In one storyline Nicole was involved in a same sex kiss with fellow character Freya Duric, which was branded controversial by various media sources.

Her first prominent romance was with Geoff Campbell.

Described as "complete opposites", Geoff is credited as a catalyst in Nicole mellowing her brash attitude.

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Nicole has received critical analysis from various sources, with perception being mixed to positive.

Nicole was introduced by executive producer Cameron Welsh.

Nicole was mentioned various times before appearing on-screen, James was cast in the role and described by Welsh as an "exciting talent".

Aden had a strong fanbase from his previous relationship with Belle Taylor.

This resulted in the audience being divided over their relationship.

She has also been likened to celebrities because of her glamorous image.

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