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I wouldn’t describe either of these things as concessions, though.

I’ve been using the i Phone 6 Plus for over a year now and if I could change one thing about the handset it would be to make it slightly thicker, as it does have a habit of slipping out of my hand at the most inopportune moments.

The first thing I noticed about the handset was its display; the curved QHD panel looks utterly stunning.The Black Berry PRIV has once again undergone a round of official price cuts in multiple regions.In the US it's down from 9 to 9; although the kicker is that the specific model being reduced in the territory isn't compatible with several major networks: Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular.I had a pretty solid idea about what the PRIV would look and function like.At least I thought I did, but once I sat down and looked at the handset I realised it was VERY different looking in real life -- the pictures really do not do it justice.The PRIV features micro SD-support, which can be found next door to the SIM-tray on the top of the handset.

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