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Later, in June 2000, the DEA declassified a “SECRET DEA-6” report from the DEA’s BCO (Bogota Country Office) so that the PCO (Paris Country Office) could share the intelligence on Saudi cocaine smuggling operations with the Paris police.

The DEA and French law enforcement had compiled tons of evidence that Prince Nayif was transporting cocaine to support some major event.

Special Agent Dick, who worked closely with O’Neill, had discovered a troubling ring of Israeli movers operating in the New York and New Jersey areas.

Furthermore, some of these Israelis not only had connections with Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies, but were also shadowing Arabs and Muslims who had been under investigation as potential terrorist cells.

On March 27, DEA agents arrested four other Israelis in the same apartment complex, including Aran Ofek, who said his father was a retired Israeli army two-star general.

The passport for Yael Gavish contained some interesting entry/exit visas: 13 December 2000, entry into Bogota, Colombia; and 5 February 2001, exit visa from Bogota.

However, much like a submarine “clearing the baffles” by turning 120 degrees to port and starboard to detect trailing enemy subs, the instigators of 9/11 cleared their own baffles by firing, suspending, and blocking U. intelligence and law enforcement agents who were aggressively pursuing the many leads that could have prevented the advancement of PNAC and the overall neo-conservative agenda.

Without 9/11, there would have been no Patriot Act, no Iraq War, no trashing of the United Nations, no upending of the U. intelligence community, no Department of Homeland Security, and no second administration for George W. Moreover, there would be no current role in government or policy-making for those who benefited most from 9/11, those who were charter members of PNAC: Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, I.

At the same time, the DEA had discovered that a nationwide ring of Israeli “art students,” many of whom had past connections to Israeli intelligence and military demolition units, were operating in and around New York and New Jersey.

What the DEA did not realize was that the art students were also shadowing the very same Arab cells that would later carry out the 9/11 attacks.

Clearing the Baffles for 9/11 By Wayne Madsen October 1, 2005 Top officials of the George W.

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