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The jukebox was turned off and the manager begged everyone to remain silent until the light stopped flashing!I remember one Saturday night the light flashed and a phone call from upstairs warned us of a group of leather clad 'Rockers' threatening the clients in the coffee shop, they had already smashed up the "Fright Train" coffee shop on the next corner.All my memorabilia,from the "Rehearsal" is now in the archives of the Brighton Ourstory project.They re-created it for one night as the Lavender Lounge.There was no fire escape in any of these clubs and all were accessed by a flight of wooden stairs from the street!The "Huntsman" had a special light, which the staff of the "Coffee Pot" upstairs used to flash on and off when police or any other danger was about.

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The next thing was an axe blade came through the wood, as they tried to hack down the door!The first is 2-3mins with the rest 5-6mins long, the quality is pretty good given they are 18yrs old & filmed on old technology !Get back to me if you are interested in linking them on your page as Im most keen to share with the big wide world.The Rehearsal closed in 1973 due to the end of the lease so I moved to the "Vortex" in Victoria.The jukeboxes in both of these clubs supplied the beginning of the Camp Sunday Tea Dances at "Stallions"."La Duce" was mentioned in D'Arblay Street which I first discovered in 1964, but not the "Subway" which was almost opposite!

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