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In 2016, she met FM Arun Jaitley and solved mathematical problems for him.Also read: Watch: These little boys are asking you to save them instead of girl children Manjeet Singh, Dilpreet's father, used to make her follow Abacus theory for multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, square root and cube root in order to improve her skills.Dilpreet Kaur is a Class 10 student and has, by now, set 13 records in Limca Book of Records in just a year.She has a record of solving mathematical equations under one minute as well.Being from a small town, he hardly had any outings with people apart from family and cousins with orthodox opinionated mindsets.Television and fashion magazines would get him some respite which helped him escape reality.Well, this was one of the reason to have been made him feel like an outcast, the fool at school. From inside, he always wanted to go shop for nice things and eat nice food, but could not tell that to anyone (this would only give others more to talk about).

For him, growing up queer in the city which still considers live-in relationships a taboo was way too scary.But, even after getting more ‘Likes’ on his pictures on social media, he had no girlfriends like the other guys did. With time passing, he graduated and soon got involved in his job and they could not meet due to their work routines. He started to look around and wanted meet more people, he was young and curious.He googled about the dating scene in Delhi and soon learnt about the apps to socialise and hookup, but he was not keen to meet any girls. After, this incident he had already realised that he is gay and should not marry a girl which will be wrong to do.Dilpreet also made 11 records by solving 11 mathematical problems in record time ranging from 15.83 seconds to 1.36 minutes last August.Also read: 11-year-old Hyderabad boy cracks Class 12 examination According to a member of Limca Book of Records team, Anant Kasibhatla, Dilpreet has become the first person to achieve bagging a maximum of 13 records in one year, a rare feat in the history of the Limca Book of Records.One day he was visiting his hometown, he decided to come out to his parents. The first question that comes in any parents mind is ‘ is he going to turn into a girl? ’His mother did create a lot of drama, but when Keshav asked her never to share his liking for men with anyone else, she agreed. He is currently working in an MNC and is in monogamous relationship with Shray.

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