Priyanka chopra and ranbir kapoor dating Chat sex arab geratuis


’ stars appear evidently fatigued, and candidly admits to stepping into “auto-pilot zone” during promotions. ’ is about how a deaf-and-mute guy, who tries to woo an upper-class, classic beauty only to be shunted away because of the societal differences.

“Me and PC (Priyanka Chopra) try to do it differently,” insists Ranbir, with Priyanka adding, “After the 12th interview it gets tough. He eventually reunites with her, much later, only this time he has already hooked up with an autistic girl.

Keeping their personal notions aside, they came together for this plum project and it looked like the dusky actress had moved on with her perception of her co-star.

Until recently when several articles of their widely discussed crack came on the surface, with the senior actor snubbing him in front of the media.

” He kept the fun pace going by analyzing why his legendary Casanova image, which Priyanka openly acknowledges, didn’t get much publicity in this film, despite romancing two gorgeous ladies. There was a point when I was dating an actress and we were very open about it. It’s just unfortunate that at that point in time, that just became a bigger part of my life.

Though he continues to be poker-faced in front of the media and fans, it looks like all hell broke loose when PC snubbed him during one of the promotional events of the movie. Ranveer is very famous or rather infamous for being too friendly and overenthusiastic in the industry, something which did not put him in Pee Cee’s good books.He’s a blue-blooded star, and she, an outsider who charmed her way into our hearts, and together they are all set to create a magical love story that’s unseen in Bollywood. ’ might not feature fancy cars, swift action, exotic locations or designer wardrobes, yet it appears to have its heart in the right place, or so vouch the stars Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, who had jetted into Dubai days ahead of its release.After shuffling interviews with numerous Dubai media houses, the ‘Barfi!We do not know whether this announcement of Ranveer’s decision of not working with his current leading lady is another marketing gimmick on the eve of ‘s release, or is there some substance to it.Only time will tell…As for Pee Cee, we have only one piece of advice, she should tone down her accent (literally), as her options in terms of the leading actors is narrowing down quickly.But we cannot ignore the fact that he himself admitted of playing Piggy Chops’ assistant on the sets!

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