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And I have quite a few cougar girlfriends who are on Cougar Life who are now successfully dating cubs, so to speak. I started Cougar Life because I had so many friends in their 30s say to me, “Where are you finding all these loving amazing relationships with these amazing guys? Because I’m revamping the word, I think people are embracing it. Don’t get so upset by it, everything in the world has labels on it, why not make it light, make it fun, make it something we can be cute about instead of being so serious?

” Because it was something that was created so long ago, it’s tough to revamp something that people have stuck in their heads about cougars as animals out for prey. I can see how there’s be a “cougar effect,” because the women are so strong and they’re often the first to approach, That may be why people seeing it as preying.

Laurie is significantly younger than Jules, and her age allows her to be both very close to Jules and her son Travis, often stepping in and giving him guidance where Jules has been unable to.

Jules spends most of her time saving Laurie from harrowing situations and acting as a confidante and advisor.

Cougar radio competition in 2006, which got her thinking about starting this unique service.

We were naturally curious, and questioned Opdenkelder about the service, the way people use the word “cougar,” and how she hopes to change that.

She moved to Gulfhaven, Florida with Bobby and Travis in 2003, and bought a house in a local cul-de-sac, next door to Ellie and Andy.

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She has expressed a wish to live in his blood and to be his girlfriend.Soon afterwards she dropped out and married Bobby Cobb, with him she had their son, Travis.She never finished her education, and later became a realtor.She later marries her neighbor, whom she began dating in the final episodes of season one. Jules has in the past stated that she doesn't want to have any more children, this sometimes causes tension between her and Grayson, though she has recently become less averse to the idea.After learning that Grayson had a daughter from a previous hoe, they have both mellowed to the idea of having another baby. Ellie spends most mornings at Jules' house drinking coffee and most evenings there drinking wine.They enjoy writing songs together and he is often the one to step in and calm Jules down when she's worked herself up.

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