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Flowers work well as they float on the water, creating a flower field to mark the location for us to circle. When all has been spoken and the final personal tribute has been made, the ashes are scattered.

Some families choose casting while water scattering: it is the act of simply tossing the ashes downwind.Your payment books date, time, vessel, crew, service etc. We easily can arrange and if you also want the optional Live bugler (0 goes to the buglers across America) versus electronic bugles provided by the Navy at no charge.Some Cremation Scattering Methods aboard our vessel and a few FAQ’s We first journey three nautical miles to sea (Legal federal boundary for scatterings), select a suitable spot based on wind & tide.Usually done by one individual while others look on, but all can and usually do participate as a group.Care and consideration of others should be used when casting.In a changing world, there will continue to be a need for innovative geoscience supported by effective geoconservation.

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