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The Trump camp has worked assiduously to blame the whole Russia saga on the gossip-riddled reports of a former MI6 agent.

But revealed Downer’s tip-off to be the true instigator.

Trump, infamous for his lewd remarks recorded off-camera, is also fending off claims of paying hush money to adult film stars – a story pursued most vigorously not by a trashy tabloid but the .

Or will the focus be on Russia’s meddling in US politics?

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The New York Times Magazine in 2015 identified other fake videos , including footage meant to spark panic about a chemical plant explosion in Louisiana supposedly caused by the Islamic State group.

One of the Internet Research Agency’s most popular Facebook pages, the secessionist-minded Heart of Texas, was packed with malapropisms.

“Hillary Clinton behind bars is a dream of thousands of Americans and may the god this dream come true,” reads one of the Facebook posts that journalist Casey Michael eventually collected .

“No one would buy it, clearly,” Baskaev told the broadcaster laughing.

The Associated Press couldn’t confirm Baskaev’s sex tape story, but a video of a purported U. soldier in desert camouflage firing an assault-style weapon at a Quran was posted to an American gun forum in September 2015.

Officials always like to invoke Australia’s shared values with the US.

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