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Torrents allow users to efficiently trade files between one another using websites like The Pirate Bay as directories to find the files they want.The Pirate Bay and Stichting Brein, a Dutch anti-piracy group, have had a long-running dispute, which led to the ruling.She felt the room spinning around her, but shook off the urge to pass out.She didn't want her little children to find her in the living room on Christmas morning passed out drunk.She had found other ways to enjoy the evening, not the least of which was giving two blow-jobs in the bathrooms, one in each the men's as well as the women's.Neither of the men she knew, but she enjoyed their hot loads none the less.

She chased that down with a glass of orange juice, a combination she had heard fought off a hang-over before it hit you.

"If you pull up right over there," and she pointed towards a dark patch between two street lights, "I'll show you my appreciation for the ride." She had to fight to keep from slurring her words, even though the driver, a married man who looked well into his thirties, knew that she was pretty drunk. It was chilly, and Maggie had her coat open, having not secured it after giving her driver a full-on view of her matronly breasts.

She'd already flashed her flabby tits at him once, and that was all he needed. " she called out suddenly, adding a healthy burp as punctuation. " She struggled to her feet and just as she pushed the door closed, her driver wished her a Merry Christmas.

'The criminals providing pirated content online often aren't based in the UK but their output is still available. 'The blocking of sites by other European countries via this ruling from the European Court of Justice is a welcome tightening of the net around these criminals and demonstrates the ongoing impact of a global clampdown on digital piracy.

But not everyone is convinced that the ruling will be the end of The Pirate Bay.

Some of these files are legal but others are illegal copies of TV shows, films, music albums, computer programmes such as Photoshop, and more.

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