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Either way, that is what happens when you break one of Duchess's cookies in half. " If you sing it incorrectly she will insist on teaching you how to sing it before she will go potty.

She hasn't had an accident for a long time, so you shouldn't have much to worry about. It goes like this: "If you have to go potty, stop and go right away!!

It’s controversial because unlike most drug and alcohol rehabs, Passages Malibu does not have any Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Books,” or sponsors or 12-step group meetings nor do they encourage their clients to join AA when they return home. According to Prentiss, they’re cured.“We don’t subscribe to any of the AA principles here,” the soft-spoken Prentiss says.

“The 12-step model didn’t work for me and there are a lot of other people it doesn’t work for.

Sometimes she's not going to know how to tell you how she is feeling.

And if you don't, it's because you're THREE FREAKING YEARS OLD AND YOU SHOULDN'T BE DATING.

“The responsibility landed on me and I wanted it,” he says.“Taylor was definitely motivation for me and helped me stay sober, but it took me another year before I actually achieved sobriety,” he says, adding that he wanted to protect his daughter until she could decide for herself if she wanted to be part of her father’s public story.

“I didn’t want to bring her into it,” the 36-year-old Prentiss says.

They want you to identify as an addict or an alcoholic for the rest of your life, and to me, that’s detrimental to healing. “I was unsuccessful at the time, and I was insecure about it,” he says. Each person gets 70 hours of therapy from psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, and hypnotherapists, along with acupuncture, acupressure, physical training, spiritual counseling, life purpose coaching plus gourmet meals, tennis courts, a swimming pool, spa services and plush accommodations overlooking the Pacific Ocean for ,500 a month.

“But I’m fine with it now that she’s older.”Although Prentiss credits his daughter with motivating him to get sober after numerous stays in rehabs, 12-step meetings and quitting cold turkey, he says his 10 years of sobriety is the result of an addiction-treatment approach he developed with his father.

The younger Prentiss suggested they build Passages Malibu, and together they created the most luxurious, expensive and controversial addiction-treatment center in the world.

You're frustrated because it was her idea to go in the first place and you spent a half an hour finding her shoe? Since you are a pathetic three feet tall and unable to pick her up, this means you need to be adaptable. Also, sometimes she likes a little water in her milk. That is incredibly weird, but my daughter is weird.

In these situations, you either need to be adaptable, or strong enough to pick her up and carry her to the car.

Our kids are going to love who they love, and any amount of pushing I do is going to send my daughter straight into Michael's stubby little toddler arms.

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