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The night with Jeff had never left her mind this year, often fueling her own masturbation sessions. "Hey Jeff." Her hands clutched the edge of the table behind her; she hadn't used her vibrator yet this morning, thinking she would before her shower. It made her blood boil, and all she could think was how she could escape this stifling room so that she didn't make things awkward.

Kerry wouldn't be home for at least two more hours. "Hey." Jeff said gruffly before striding towards her at full steam.

The tiniest of shorts covered her bottom as he leaned slightly to take in the picture of her ass exposed ever so slightly as they rode up.

The intoxication of her smell and seeing her overwhelmed him and his cock sprang to life.

His hands finding her face so his mouth could seize hers.

He figured Lizzie was forcing Kerry to enjoy the music they both loved, which made him smile.Jeff grabbed her ass cheeks lifting her up and sitting her on the library table.He brushed his arm across behind her as he lay her down. Metallica funneled through her ears around the blood pulsing as Jeff kissed down her neck.The Iron Maiden shirt on his chest clung to his muscles.Then, she noticed the obvious bulge in his pants and felt herself get wet instantly.There was Lizzie in a black tank-top with little red hearts on it.

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