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In an ideal world, a cashier should compare the signature on your receipt to the one on the back of your credit card.But it's also helpful in case you need it to use a warranty, get a refund challenge a charge or (duh! With Shoeboxed, you mail in an envelope of receipts and wait for them to be added to your cloud-based archive; basic service starts at a month.To do it yourself, file receipts for a year or two, then shred. Remember those clunky machines that cashiers once used to make an imprint of your credit card?Occasionally you still see them (or hand-written receipts) when small businesses lack the infrastructure to process your credit payment electronically.It seems like an innocent throwback, but "those are riskiest kinds of transactions," warns May, because you have no idea what happens to your credit card number afterward.Unless a merchant made a big mistake, you won't see your whole credit card number on a receipt. Your truncated card number isn't enough to steal, but those digits "should still be treated as sensitive, confidential information," says Jamie May, chief investigator at All Clear ID, an identity protection company.

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