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Sure, your real face may be on a dating site - but your relationship isn't up to public scrutiny, and when you're done dating one person on a dating site, you can move on to the next without your last haunting you (normally, at least).The main problem is that MMOs are social games, and the communities that form around them generally become like small towns or clubs.Mary Sue realizes that Slater can't meet her emotional needs; Slater realizes that Mary Sue isn't his type of gal, and they break up after a fight that starts in their guild channel about whether he should help her level her new alt.Mary Sue tries to stay in the guild, but people stop talking to her - they knew Slater first, and tend to side with him, although they were annoyed by the fussing in guild chat over who had to sit out so they could run instances together and how bad she was at Pv P.

They continue to talk privately for days after the group is over, and soon they start to flirt a bit.The rest of us know it's just too sickly sweet and unnatural.It boils down to this: relationships online aren't any prettier than real world relationships.It's not just about managing a relationship online either: we'll be blunt and say I was damn lucky the guy I found turned out to be healthy and, more importantly, not a criminal.In short: if you're looking for love in an MMO, don't assume that you're going to be part of the handfuls of successful relationships out there.We understand "spouse aggro," and usually attribute it to either a spouse who doesn't game online or a player not getting their priorities straight; yet many players suffer a different kind of "aggro" that dictates what they can do and with whom.

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