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W3C maintains a public list of any patent disclosures made in connection with the deliverables of the group; that page also includes instructions for disclosing a patent.An individual who has actual knowledge of a patent which the individual believes contains Essential Claim(s) must disclose the information in accordance with section 6 of the W3C Patent Policy. Introduction 1.1 Prerequisites 1.2 Structure of this Primer 1.3 Use of URIs and IRIs 1.4 Notational Conventions 2.WSDL 2.0 Basics 2.1 Getting Started: The Great H Hotel Example 2.1.1 Example Scenario: The Great H Hotel Reservation Service 2.1.2 Defining a WSDL 2.0 Target Namespace Explanation of Example 2.1.3 Defining Message Types Explanation of Example 2.1.4 Defining an Interface Explanation of Example 2.1.5 Defining a Binding Explanation of Example 2.1.6 Defining a Service Explanation of Example 2.1.7 Documenting the Service Explanation of Example 2.2 WSDL 2.0 Infoset, Schema and Component Model 2.2.1 WSDL 2.0 Infoset 2.2.2 WSDL 2.0 Schema WSDL 2.0 Element Ordering 2.2.3 WSDL 2.0 Component Model WSDL 2.0 Import and Include 2.3 More on Message Types 2.3.1 Inlining XML Schema 2.3.2 Importing XML Schema 2.3.3 Summary of Import and Include Mechanisms 2.4 More on Interfaces 2.4.1 Interface Syntax 2.4.2 Interface Inheritance 2.4.3 Interface Faults 2.4.4 Interface Operations Operation Attributes Operation Message References The message Label Attribute The element Attribute Multiple infault or outfault Elements Understanding Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) 2.5 More on Bindings 2.5.1 Syntax Summary for Bindings 2.5.2 Reusable Bindings 2.5.3 Binding Faults 2.5.4 Binding Operations 2.5.5 The SOAP Binding Extension Explanation of Example 2.5.6 The HTTP Binding Extension Explanation of Example 2.5.7 HTTP GET Versus POST: Which to Use? Advanced Topics I: Importing Mechanisms 3.1 Importing WSDL 3.2 Importing Schemas 3.2.1 Schemas in Imported Documents 3.2.2 Multiple Inline Schemas in One Document 3.2.3 The schema Location Attribute Using the id Attribute to Identify Inline Schemas 4.

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This document is governed by the 24 January 2002 CPP as amended by the W3C Patent Policy Transition Procedure.Advanced Topics III: Miscellaneous 5.1 Enabling Easy Message Dispatch 5.2 Web Service Versioning 5.2.1 Compatible Evolution 5.2.2 Big Bang 5.2.3 Evolving a Service 5.2.4 Combined Approaches 5.2.5 Examples of Versioning and Extending a Service Additional Optional Elements Added in Content Additional Optional Elements Added to a Header Additional Mandatory Elements in Content Additional Optional Operation Added to Interface Additional Mandatory Operation Added to Interface Indicating Incompatibility by Changing the Endpoint URI Indicating Incompatibility by Changing the SOAP Action Indicating Incompatibility by Changing the Element Content 5.3 Describing Web Service Messages That Refer to Other Web Services 5.3.1 The Reservation Details Web Service 5.3.2 The Reservation List Web Service 5.3.3 Reservation Details Web Service Using HTTP Transfer 5.3.4 Reservation List Web Service Using HTTP GET 5.4 Multiple Interfaces for the Same Service 5.5 Mapping to RDF and Semantic Web 5.5.1 RDF Representation of WSDL 2.0 5.6 Notes on URIs 5.6.1 XML Namespaces and Schema Locations 5.6.2 Relative URIs 5.6.3 Generating Temporary URIs 6.References 6.1 Normative References 6.2 Informative References A.For simplicity, examples throughout this primer only use URIs.If you are interested in learning more about the use of IRIs, you might care to read the paper prepared by the W3C Internationalization Activity.In fact, to simplify our first example, we will implement only the operation.

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