Bow wow and angela simmons dating again


- Stopp Hatinqq Inn Anqelaa Chuzz i Bett 1$ Millionn Dollarr'z Datt Shee Uss Dropp Deadd Gorqeouss ; Esepciallyy Comparedd 2 All Yhuu Uqlyy Haterr'z . - Soo Layy Off Hiss Dickk Ya'll Uqlyy Sackk Riderr'z : ) Havee A Nicee Daee .

Right now His music has died and nobody cares besides his ride and die fans of his, he's getting alot of negative press lately now his new movie coming up. and we all know Angela suppose to have her own TV reality show since she can't make it with Rob so she have to do something i guess she rather settled with that swagger jacker BW. Like i said, PUBLICITY STUNT Lmfao Ya'll Bxtchee'z Is Funniee . - Hee Probablyy Wouldn'tt Evenn Thinkk Twicee Aboutt Beinqq Witt ANY OF YA'LL .

Not cool at all why be with bitch who constantly follows him every fucking where he goes, contstantly retweeting bad enough his momma and his best friend tooo???? You don't need a bitch like that in fact stay away from them bitches. If they've been on again, off again thenm something might be there. She really needs to do something constructive then to go around following his ass around. Getting dugg out by some other dude as we saw from MTO come on. like a Jason's Lyric or Love and Basketball or somethin.... Did you know Ciara came to his first premiere the other night??? Bow Wow kissed her ass that led him to tweet and follow her on twitter for the first time. hmmmm did yall know IRS seized her boutique store last night??????

But try as hard as he might, it’s what comes out of Bow Wow’s mouth that keeps people from taking him seriously.According to All Hip Hop the former lovebirds are working together on a new reality show. In this new production, the duo will be focusing on Moss' life as a tv host, and a dad, while Simmons will talk about her career as she travels, and attempts to make it into the fashion world. But if this future show doesn't excite you maybe the news of Bow Wow changing his name back to his birth name, Shad Moss will make you happy. - Deree Iss Nothinqq Yhuu Cann Doo Aboutt Demm Datinqq ; Yhuu Can'tt Makee Demm Breakk Upp Sooo Stopp Complaininqq : ) .i think yall need to mindf yall own damn bees wax.........he wit her 4 da money..ok!!!From saying that he makes his girlfriends famous, to kissing and telling about his exes on national TV, Bow Weezy just can’t get it right.

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