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Of course, all the action and sci-fi is heavily tempered with comedy.Even in grim situations, there’s usually at least a few funny moments, such as Daniel’s tour of the custodial closet.Obviously the Goa’uld make things awkward throughout the season, with the second episode featuring Sam (Amanda Tapping) being possessed by a Goa’uld during a rescue mission — but it seems that it’s part of a rebel Goa’uld faction called the Tok’ra.Teal’c’s (Christopher Judge) son is kidnapped and brainwashed, and Daniel (Michael Shanks) finds that his beloved wife is pregnant with Apophis’ child.And thankfully, it drops the usual space opera stuff — instead we get Stargates, real military, and a very plausible reason why everybody in the galaxy (more or less) looks just like us.It’s graced with kitschy Egyptian-styled sets, lots of shoot-em-up action from Marines and Air Force, and plenty of planets influenced by Earth cultures, like the Minoans and the Vikings.So scroll down for more information or share the link on social media to let your friends know what you're watching.

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And SG-1 — Carter, O’Neill, Jackson and Teal’c — encounters some very strange problems: a plague that turns people into savages, a people who live only a hundred days, a Viking planet, a Stargate explorer stranded since 1945, a little girl turned into a bomb, the seductive Goa’uld queen Hathor, and coming back as robots.“Stargate SG-1” really got into its stride in the second season — the basic Air-Force-versus-evil-headsnakes story gets expanded out into a bunch of arcs.We get new villains, some surprising new allies, hints about the true origins of the Stargates and the human race, and corrupt factions on Earth who use the spare Stargate for evil ends.O’Neill and a small team go to Abydos and find Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) who has been learning about a vast network of Stargates over the past year.But when Daniel’s wife Sha’re and brother-in-law Skaara are abducted by the same warriors, O’Neill, Jackson and Air Force scientist Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping) use the Stargate to venture to where they’re being kept.Davis (Andromeda) Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can’t Loose) Ben Browder (Farscape) Beau Bridges (My Name Is Earl) Claudia Black (The Originals) RECURRING / NOTABLE GUEST CAST Jay Avocone (Beauty and The Beast 1989) Vaitiare Bandera (Out of The Blue) Peter Williams (Catwoman) Brent Stait (Blade: The Series) Gary Jones (Highlander: The Series) Alexis Cruz (Dark Wolf) Rachel Hayward (Jingle All The Way 2) Colin Lawrence (X-Men 2) Adam Harrington (The Secret Circle) Kevin Mc Nulty (Elektra) Alan Rachins (Batman: TAS) Jorge Vargas (Power Rangers Ninja Storm) Soon-Tek Oh (Death Wish 4) Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Mortal Kombat Legacy) Crystal Lowe (Poison Ivy 4) Teryl Rothery (Arrow) Steve Makaj (IT) Roger Cross (First Wave) William Russ (American History X) Harley Jane Kozak (Santa Barbara) Gabrielle Miller (Highlander: The Series) Bobbie Phillips (Two Guys and a Girl) Galyn Gorg (Robocop 2) Tamsin Kelsey (Needful Things) James Earl Jones (Star Wars) Keene Curtis (Lois & Clark) Elizabeth Hoffman (Sisters) Paul Mc Gillion (Stargate: Atlantis) Tony Amendola (The Mask of Zorro) Katie Stuart (She’s The Man) Tobin Bell (Boogeyman 2) Ronny Cox (Robocop) Douglas Arthurs (Act of War) Bonnie Bartlett (Firefly) Dwight Schultz (The A-Team) Tobias Mehler (Wishmaster 3) Peter Bryant (Dark Angel) Chris Owens (Red) Erick Avari (Heroes) Tom Mc Beath (Bates Motel) Sarah Douglas (Superman 2) JR Bourne (Arrow) Christina Cox (Earth: Final Conflict) Matthew Walker (Highlander: The Series) Eric Breker (X-Men Origins) Marshall R.

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