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After two tenths of a mile turn south (left) onto Wolf Run Shoals Road.

After about three miles, the road links with Henderson Road for about three tenths of a mile. After a mile the road ends at a parking area at the trail head. During the Civil War several islands in the Occoquan made this an easy ford site.

On the north side a building on private property matches to wartime photographs of the area.

It does take some imagination, to see the ford in low water, and the banks and ridges devoid of trees, but at least the visitor can stand at the site of the road leading to the ford.

Certainly worth a visit if you are interested in the Gettysburg Campaign, or off the beaten path Civil War sites.

In 1691 the Town of York ( Yorktown ) was laid off by Laurence Smith, surveyor.

George & Elizabeth (Martiau) Reade attended the Grace Episcopal Church in Yorktown, York Co., VA.

George Reade was to hold the office of Councillor for eighteen years before his death in 1674.

1641, Yorktown, York Co., VA to Elizabeth Martiau .

The land was purchased from Benjamin Read, of Gloucester , and paid him 10,000 pounds of tobacco.

, Kent Manor , Linkenholt, Southamptonshire , England , bur. Andrew & Alice (Cooke) Reade had eight (8) children: 1.

On June 25, the Vermonters departed from the Occaquan, leaving Wolf Run Shoals unguarded. Stuart’s movements that day placed his three brigades behind the Federal army corps moving north, but well to the east of main lines of march.

This opening did not go un-exploited by the Confederates. Today Wolf Run Shoals is accessible, but looks little like the wartime ford.

After a few days spent in the Centreville area, the II Corps moved to Thoroughfare Gap.

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