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(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SCOTT FREEMAN, MACK FAMILY ATTORNEY: I have already contacted law enforcement, advised them of my representation.We have a plan in place should he contact me for a surrender, peaceably and peacefully for that to occur.With uk Mail, you can have freedom & independence on the go in a single app.

Plus, people being attacked to very willing participants in a disturbing real-life “Fight Club.” You won‘t believe who these people really are, who actually won, to be beaten to a pulp.

Was there anything unusual about what he said or the way he sounded?

DONNER: He sounded like he has sounded the last year, the past year.

COSBY: What would you want to say if he is watching right now? DONNER: But I know that if I have a chance to help assist to bring him in, I‘m very, very confident that I would be successful in that.

I‘m sure you‘re concerned, that this could end not very well. COSBY: And if he‘s watching real quick, what do you want to say specifically to him real fast?

Totally preoccupied with the injustice that he felt that he had received at the hands of this judge.

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