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I am a current second-year college student and can honestly say that attending Mags was the greatest blessing I could have ever received from my parents.

The sense of self and spirit that is instilled in its students early on is something that I have found to be unique to this school.

Although our girls are very different, with very different interests, learning styles, and personalities, CSG has been a perfect fit for each of them - academically, socially, and emotionally.

I would not have my girls in any other school in central Ohio! Between the teacher-student relationships, the classes, and the overall environment, I feel that Laurel is the best school I could possibly be at!

Teachers are always willing to work with students and understand disabilities & other factors that affect academics. The atmosphere is so comfortable and welcoming, it feels more like home than school! No matter who you are, you are guaranteed to have a multitude of friends.

OLE inspires young women to pursue their highest dreams and prepares them for life. Ursula Academy was the best decision I've ever made in my life. The sports are some of the best in Toledo, and the performing arts department is outstanding in talent and dedication.

However, these sort of dynamics fade with maturity and are pretty much completely gone by Upper School.

HB is really unique in the extracurriulars it offers like Science Research that prepare you for college and the real world.

We could really be ourselves here and our self confidence rocketed.

As an alumn I hope to come back be a speaker and donate to the school.

We have had 2 daughters attend CSG for (almost) their entire school experience.

As someone currently pursuing a music performance degree, I think that the Elms could do more, as it does with sports and clubs. Welcome Week bonds the freshmen with their senior big sisses through song and costumes. Elms Olympics, Deck the Halls, Junior Ring, Soup Day, Senior Farewell, amongst others make the Elms unique.

Although academically driven, OLE is a community that supports everyone.

The small classes allow students to get close to their teacher, and the teacher to get close to their students.

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