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With more than 1,200,000 people, and being Canada’s third largest municipality, there’s no shortage of dating opportunities.That’s not to say that it’s easy though: Most men, especially shy guys, have been conditioned to keep their mouths shut when an attractive woman walks by.I’ve been on more than a thousand dates, and this gives me a unique perspective on meeting women.I see guys make the same basic mistakes women, over and over again.Look, if you knew how to create the kind of love life you wanted, you’d have it already.

Going after a goal without a plan is a guaranteed way to fail. It’s even harder when there isn’t any support or accountability to keep you going through tough challenges.

This leads to frustration, loneliness, and eventually resentment. Learn from the best and advance your love life faster than possible by yourself.

I’m the personal trainer for your love life to get you the kind of relationship you’ve always desired.

I’m going to explain a couple ways you can do it on your own, or with help from a dating coach.

There are two basic ways you can introduce yourself to women in public settings: Direct openers are great because you can get to the point quickly, express your honest feelings, and avoid misunderstandings about your intentions. Being assertive is one of the main qualities that will attract women.

When we improve ourselves, we improve everything in our lives.

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