Updating album artwork in itunes

It’s funny too, because Cover Flow is still available as an option in Mac OS X Yosemite in Finder.

They also removed the drop down available on playlists to make for easy configuration.

For albums, I want the track lists in the original way that made it easier to manage. It’s now easy to get your i Tunes 12 install very close to the way i Tunes 10 use to work.

Of course, there are still some things that haven’t been added back in.

Though, keep in mind that it’s not a perfect reincarnation of i Tunes 10, for most purposes it is still very functional. The New Interface When you first kick off i Tunes 12 (or 11 for that matter), you’ll see that it shows your albums as large icons.

If you click an icon, it expands and shows track listings below it in a split screen setup.

I use that view only for films because it makes sense.

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