Intimidating football team names


Brooker's field goal with left in the second overtime gave the franchise its first of three AFL Championships.Athough Brooker played only five years, he was second only to George Blanda in consecutive successful kicks for points after touchdowns, with 149."I remember when the Chiefs played the Chicago Bears the summer after the loss to Green Bay in the first Super Bowl," team owner Lamar Hunt said.

Arbanas starred for two Chiefs Super Bowl teams and used the playing field to write a legacy for the AFL.

Next to the joy of seeing one's fellow leaguers crushed to a fine powder with each successive game, the best part of the fantasy football season has to be the tidal wave of ridiculous team names people come up with. Inspired by Slate's examination of 2014's top picks, we scraped approximately 800,000 team names from the public leagues on to find this year's 30 most common picks.

The results are about as pun-laden, juvenile, and just plain dumb as you'd expect.

Originated as the Dallas Texans by AFL founder Lamar Hunt, the franchise had the most playoff appearances as an AFL team, six (tied with Oakland), the most American Football League Championships (3), and the most Super Bowl appearances, playing in the first Super Bowl, and in the last to be played between LEAGUE champions.

The Texans won the classic 1962 double-overtime AFL championship game against the Houston Oilers, 20 - 17Front Row: 14 Hunter Enis, QB; 18 Don Flynn, DHB; 19 Cotton Davidson, QB; 21 David Webster, DHB; 22 John Bookman, DHB; 28 Abner Haynes, HB; 30 Jack Spikes, FB; Second Row: 32 Bo Dickinson, FB; 33 Curley Johnson, HB; 35 Smokey Stover, LB; 36 Clemon Daniels, DHB; 42, Johnny Robinson, HB; 44, Jimmy Harris, DHB; 48 Duane Wood, DHB; 50 Jim Barton, C; Third Row: 54 Ted Greene, LB; 55 Tom Dimmick, C; 56 Walt Corey, LB; 60 Al Reynolds, G; 62 Sid Fournet, G; 63 Marvin Ter- rel, G; 64 Bill Krisher, G; 66 Dick Frey, DE; Fourth Row: 69 Sherrill Headrick, LB; 70 Jack Stone, T; 71 Ray Collins, DT; 72 Paul Rochester, DT; 74 Jerry Cornelison, T; 76 Buffalo Napier, DT; 79 Charley Diamond, T; Fifth Row: 80 Max Boydston, E; 85 Ed Bernet, E; 86 Paul Miller, DE; 87 Mel Branch, DE; 88 Chris Burford, E..

His biggest score, however, came as a 24-yard field goal to end the second sudden-death overtme period in the 1962 American Football League Championship game.

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