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Internet giants such as Alibaba Group Holding have promoted the use of virtual red packets, also known as “hongbaos,” to grow business in the country’s booming mobile payment market.

The number of digital red packets sent via We Chat, owned by Alibaba rival Tencent Holdings Ltd, rose 43 percent in the January 27 to February 1 period compared with a year earlier, according to Xinhua.

In most cases, it is men who send money to a woman they have only just met, either in a bar or another public space.

This could mean that the Lucky Money function is evolving as a new method of communication in busy and often loud social arenas, or even as a tool to show off disposable income.

She politely responded but—as Chinese millennials do—with a series of emoticons that only confused matters more.

After about 20 minutes of swapping pleasant iconicry, she abruptly told me to go to sleep. Should I follow up on Monday with real conversation or just let it go for the sake of our working relationship?

FILE - Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd Chief Executive Charles Li congratulates a floor trader after he received two 500 Hong Kong-dollar-notes as red packets on the first day of trading after Lunar New Year, Feb. Users of We Chat sent around 46 billion electronic red packets — digital versions of traditional envelopes stuffed with cash — via the Chinese mobile social platform over the Lunar New Year period, the official Xinhua new agency reported Saturday.

The holiday kick-starts one of the largest human migrations on Earth, when Chinese citizens who have flocked to the country’s larger cities for work and education suddenly return home, virtually emptying the once-thriving high streets and plazas.

Besides sending text, audio and video message for free, users can also use the We Chat digital wallet to pay utility bills, make donations and buy plane tickets.

I was out drinking with buddies last weekend and ended up We Chatting a colleague while drunk.

However, the practice appears to be seldom looked upon favorably.

One laments the replacement of chatting and small talk with sending red envelopes: “There were two older men in their 30s constantly looking for people to flirt with on We Chat.

Over time, the Lucky Money service has revolutionized the way users interact socially over the We Chat platform, transforming from a holiday gimmick into a convenient method of expressing friendship, sharing bills and even flirtation.

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