Great dating ideas married couples


I selected my paramour carefully and found the perfect match. Handsome, witty, and a husband and father himself, he understood my need to escape the constraints of family life for occasional carefree dates.I didn't enlist the help of an online community of married people looking for a lover, but found my date much closer to home. Together we embarked on a six-month dating experiment that was at times ridiculous, often funny, and ultimately responsible for bringing back the magic." or complete "When we were dating I tried to impress you by...." I was challenged to pat my date on the bottom at least twice before the night was over, and my husband had to slip at least three of a possible eight pet names into our conversation.It was definitely the first time – and possibly the last – that anyone has ever called me "Mamacita".Our last date, which involved looking through our wedding album and discussing our memories of the day, included a warning for men: "For this section, carefully consider your answers before speaking. God would want you to." Dating put back into our relationship what the demands of busy lives and parenthood had taken out.Prioritising time alone together above all else, despite the challenges posed by doing so, reminded us of the primary importance of our relationship, and rekindled our desire to nurture it.Our dating experiment began when a friend enquired how we were, eliciting a weary monologue about how little time we spent together.

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Actually, there wasn't much snogging, largely due to an unfortunate absence of traffic lights en route to our date locations.

Instructions for date number two decreed that my husband should kiss me at every red traffic light until someone beeped to hurry us along.

Living in a rural spot with little need for traffic lights meant we couldn't fulfil this task, but we're both looking forward to the next time we drive to the city.

Two kids, the humdrum predictability of married life, and a double dose of 30-something angst can have that effect.

I missed the heady days of dating when we would spend hours in soulful conversation gazing into one another's eyes – instead of debating our differences and staring at the TV in companionable silence.

Other date highlights include a shopping challenge in which we had 10 minutes to buy each other £1 gifts, and the option to forego dessert and drive somewhere secluded to kiss.

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