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Lightning rarely strikes twice, but let's not overlook that initial contribution of his.

Just as Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris, we will always have the treasured memory of that once new-fangled thing called a website in which we first discovered that old friends hadn't forgotten us after all, just as we hadn't forgotten them.

There were by now other ways to “deja-date”, and not all of them were via Tinder.

“Not long ago, I was approached by the [new] Friends Reunited owners to see if I wanted to take it back and try some new projects with it,” Steve Pankhurst wrote in his email.

Its appeal was all-consuming, often dangerously so: more than once was it cited in divorce cases.

Which is sort of what Instagram and Facebook already do anyway.

“[But] for the site to continue it needs a complete rewrite and this is just not viable.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close the service down.” But Pankhurst, still richer than the average lottery winner, is now attempting what some would call a bold move, others reckless: a kind of Friends Reunited 2.0.

Friends Reunited was a social network designed for people to reunited.

It was the first social network to gain a large presence in the United Kingdom.

Some users have been sued for the comments that they have made on the site.

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