Face to face sexchat


I always thought of California and the beach boys when I saw guys like them. After a while, I noticed that they seemed to be talking about me.

My cock began to swell as I soaped it up, stroking it gently. On a trip like this you never know what might happen.I hadn’t noticed them as they huddled together out of the wind.By there appearance I guessed that they probably belonged to the surfer group. Mostly blonde haired and tanned they looked like they spent so much time in the sun that they never needed to sunbath or use products to give their hair that bleached look.That meant that almost without fail, some fat guy with bad breath and an aversion to showers would plonk himself down next to me before the night was out. Just then I heard the sound of laughing coming from behind me. They had gathered at the bar and were ordering their drinks.One of them had what looked like a board game under his arm.Or maybe it just heightened my senses and at the same time made me braver.

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