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Maisani studied at Hunter College (the location of Tim Keller's church, Redeemer Presbyterian Church) and graduated valedictorian with 4.0 GPA with a B. Earlier this month, Cooper stated he was gay."The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud," Cooper said in an email statement to The Daily Beast.

They attended an Elton John Aids Foundation event together in November 2015 and were photographed for an Architectural Digest feature of Anderson’s Brazilian home in Trancoso.

newly-opened David Barton Gym on Astor Place—someone even said "obsessively"—and is frequently spotted spotting Andy himself while doing squats.

He likes horror movies, is an amateur photographer, and doesn't go out much, other than the work at his own bar.

He broke up with his last boyfriend last winter and started dating Cooper shortly thereafter.

We can't pinpoint exactly when, but most people seem to think it was about eight months ago.

They were encouraged to marry last year by Anderson's mother, designer Gloria Vanderbilt.

She reportedly helped the pair patch up their relationship after they struggled with conflicting work schedules.

Legend has it that they found the old Wonder Bar space on E Sixth Street for sale on Craigslist and decided to pool their money together and open their own bar.The gossip is that the couple are planning to buy (or have already bought) a converted firehouse on West 3rd Street together.Maisani (on the right in the photo above, taken at Eastern Bloc), who comes from an upper-middle-class Parisian family, came to New York in 1995 to study film for a year, and ended up staying until now. He then worked in a museum, but was attracted to the nightlife by the more leisurely hours.He came out to the public in July of 2012 and a month later, the scandalous news about his boyfriend smooching a mystery guy broke out.Neither Anderson nor Maisani has taken the time to address the event.From Anderson’s Instagram @andersoncooper, we know that they got together for Christmas and vacationed in Myanmar in December 2016.

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