Worst dating advice of all time dominica dating com


This is the reason why it’s so difficult for the average guy to comprehend and adhere to our proverbial curriculum of seduction: 1.) It stresses change and alteration in lifestyle. These 2 factors aren’t up for debate with most men.

Therefore, “Just be yourself” is a very ego-comforting quote that they can latch onto like a life-raft in turbulent waters.

For the record: you shouldn’t change just for women or just to placate any 1 chick.

Any guy or gal who advises you to cut your mullet or dreadlocks just to appeal to the girl down the bloc who digs men with short haircuts, should be fucking shamed into exile!

“Just gimme my remote and cable TV and the hot bitches will just stroll on into my humble abode”!

“I wouldn’t waste my time on that Pick-Up Artist crap! Such sentiment is often thrown my way via social media by guys of all walks of life.

My rebut to “just be yourself” would be: “It depends on who that self is”.

That is a key piece of information that the average guy doesn’t want to face since the average guy isn’t up for introspection neither changing his sucky ways.

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If she doesn’t like you then it wasn’t meant to be”. And humans in general love to give advice as their opinions are valued and show them up as being “well-rounded and wise”.To “change”, is a subtle confession that you were wrong. It takes a humble guy to shoot me an e-mail saying: “Hey Kenny bro’: love your website and I’ve been learning a lot”.Not every guy is wired that way where he’s able to subdue the ego and self-image in order to allow humility to shine even for a second.Guys take comfort in mental masturbation, wanting to take the easy route to success in life, unwilling to fucking grind and put in work for optimal results!Therefore, when such a guy comes across theoretical bullshit and blissful cliches like “Just be yourself”, he immediately feels a sense of self-appreciation in knowing that he can live a life of slobbery and it’d all be ok. Now for argument sake, if being yourself means that you’re already a well-put-together dude, then sure: “be yourself” is a great piece of advice and you should run with it. This’ the worst piece of shit advice you will have ever gotten from your parents, relationship counselors, buddies…women…

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