What to expect when dating a recovering addict


If you’re going to take on an addict, you have to know that this will be part of your new lifestyle—forever.That means the meetings, the other addicts, the need to avoid certain substances in his presence and more.When a recovering addict comes home from rehab, things may feel a little awkward.That is only natural considering everyone in the household is recovering as well.Make this as pleasant as possible for them but do not “over-do” for them.

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At least you’ll know what to expect and you may seek out more help for yourself.The cruel irony about relationships is that, often, by the time people reach an age when they’ve learned a lot about themselves, about how to treat others, about what they want in a partner and what sort of partner they’d like to be, they’ve had some, well, experiences they can’t take back.If you’ve been out there dating for a while, you’ll start to realize that even the guys who seem perfect come with one caveat. It could be that they’ve already had a vasectomy, deciding they never want children again.While this can feel flattering and exciting, it’s important that you encourage your partner to maintain his independence, and that you do the same.If you do have to refrain from drinking alcohol or using other substances in the presence of this person, then you’re going to experience a whole new thing: dating sober.Not the first day, but certainly shortly after coming out of rehab, the addict should understand what YOU expect from them.

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