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“I’m addicted to caffeine so I gave up all drinks but water for Lent two years ago.” – Amanda 3. One meal a day really brings souls to Jesus, especially your own! “I’m going to treat my body as a temple of God during lent… I made a list of 40 people who have touched my life in one way or another. “I tried improving on my spirit of giving.” – Peter 10. What I learned from that was how to get a source of self esteem beyond my outfits.” – Carrie, a Life Teen Missionary 14.“Last year I didn’t give up anything for Lent, just added more prayer life. It was funny for my friends and made it easy to talk about Lent in a way that people were cool with. “I’ve heard of people giving up their beds for Lent. everything I read, watch, listen to, eat, drink, do, say, etc… Each day of Lent, I wrote a person on the list a letter of thanks for how they touched my life and I prayed for that person on that day… “This year, I’m giving up the radio in my car in order to focus more on the things that are around me that God created! “I didn’t do this, but last year two of my friends gave up warm water for their showers.” – Maria 15.Are you looking for something unconventional to offer up for Lent? Both were hard, but really helped me those years.” – Brandon 12.We asked Life Teen missionaries and our friends on Facebook for cool stuff they’ve done in the past. “This year I’m giving up shoes as often as possible. “This year, I’m giving up all sweets, (I work at a frozen yogurt shop) and am going to use the constant reminder to pray for one person in particular every day, I made a list/calendar via Facebook of friends that need/want prayer.” – Aimee 13.Indeed, these guest book ideas and alternatives are a perfect way to remember all of the people who help you to celebrate your big day.After the wedding party celebration, take them on your honeymoon destination and read them together with your new spouse.My hope is that having moderation I can be more present to the people around me.

Everything in your life is unicorn from the frappuccino in your cup to the hair on your head, so why not transform into your truest form on Halloween?

“I didn’t do it for all of Lent, but for Holy Week last year I gave up my pillow.

Honestly, at first it was fun, but it proved to be hard.

She said it was hard at first, but soon loved the depth and meaning behind many Christian songs.” – Molly 21. “Getting to the 3rd floor using stairs not escalator/elevator.” – Francisca 23. I offer daily prayers and sacrifices for Father Juan Nunes! “I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard of people giving up the snooze button on their alarm clock.

They said that it was harder than they thought, but it taught them a lot about discipline.” – Jessica, a Life Teen Missionary 25.

Either side on the puzzle features a portrait photo chosen by the bride and groom and have the back side for the wedding guest’s personal comments.

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