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Below is a step-by-step guide for correctly creating a Household Donor record.This example will walk you through setting up an individual Donor Record with a related spouse Affiliate Donor record (in Giftworks, an affiliate Donor won’t show up on donor reports). Use the following process to parse the compound field and move the newly created names into appropriate fields.If, after correcting the blank name field issue, you are finding your NCOA changes cannot be imported back into your database, it is likely that there is one important missing field in your export–the Address Identifier field.

Whereas, when using a “household” record structure, Jan Reese and Joe Reese would each have their own record, but share a Household Record through relationship links.In a householded record the gifts, addresses, emails and notes would be attributed to a specific individual, and can be reported on the individual record level, or as a combined household.Organizations migrating out of Access or a similar, simple system that doesn’t offer the household option might opt to retain their existing compound-record structure when migrating because (a) “splitting” records requires a more complicated, multi-step import process at migration, and (b) splitting records might increase the costs of a subscription if the package pricing is tied to the number of records.Raisers Edge (i) requires two separate records–one as the primary constituent (called head of household) the other as the Spouse, which can be a full constituent with all fields and functionality activated, or remain a simple relationship with limited field functionality and searchability.The spouse relationship is a unique relationship in RE, and there are designated Spouse Address and Contact fields.Learn more about NCOA updates, the requirements and the practicalities…

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