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At this point in college, we are grown.” Attraction between students and professors are not unrealistic with how often these parties interact.Most students spend a majority of their time communicating with faculty through lectures, major based extracurricular activities or meet-ups during office hours.Words by: Nyasha Baly Standing at the lectern, that Ralph Lauren cuffed polo never fit so well tucked into a pair of khakis. During Alexis Shoemaker’s sophomore year, innocent office visits soon turned into an awkward situation.It feels like butterflies are wallowing through my stomach. They’re always on time, very organized, smart and certified. Shoemaker, now a junior psychology student at Florida A&M University, was failing a science class, so she began visiting the teacher’s office hours frequently for help.There may even be instances where you feel like risking it all to try things out with your professor, but take into consideration the numerous factors involved.In this very delicate situation things can easily go sideways.MOVstaff at FAMU regarding the issue of students dating professors.“I think a student can date a professor, but they can’t be involved within the same program with one another.

However, faculty member Debra Jackson, a business management analyst for FAMU, has a different mindset than most IMG_0744.

The idea that students can date their professors is becoming increasingly normalized on college campuses.

Freshmen Veterinary Technology student Ajiona Lunsford, explained her mother’s personal experience in which her relationship with her professor extended beyond the classroom.

“Twelve years ago, my niece who went to FAMU was dating a professor,” Moore said.

“The school found out about it and she ended up getting kicked out of college.

For justified reasons, there are many students who are scared to grow close to their professors in fear that boundaries may be crossed.

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